Video Converter VIDEO TO VGA (AV/S-Video/BNC/VGA to VGA) #10451A/B

Video Converter VIDEO TO VGA (AV/S-Video/BNC/VGA to VGA)
Please select BNC or AV type.
Functional features:
*Advanced scan frequency improves the technique,Refresh rate can be easily switched between 60HZ-75HZ,while the pictures don’t flick.
*Resolving capability can be easily switched among(640*480/800*600/1024*768/1280*1024/1440*900/1680*1050),CRT
*MONITOR and LCD MONITOR are compatible.
*The Function of Extra Strong 3D image denoising makes the pictures clear and steady.
*Distinguisting PIP function,and the size and position of the windows can be adjusted
*The AV/S terminator input interface can be connected to DVD/PDP/PS2/Game Console etc
*Broadband PC/TV selector switch(200MHZ)
Package Contents:
Host of converter
Operating instruction of converter
A/C adaptor
S terminator line
Video cable
VGA signal wire
Video_to_VGA_Video_Converter (1) Video_to_VGA_Video_Converter-2 Video_to_VGA_Video_Converter-3 Video_to_VGA_Video_Converter-BNC Video_to_VGA_Video_Converter-demo
Please choice to order:
1. Video (AV) To VGA
2. Video (BNC) To VGA

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