USB Keyboard Vacuum Small Style

USB Keyboard Vacuum Small Style
*Retractable cable to let you operate more comfortable and easily
Access to computers and more people may often be a problem in the use of the keyboard after a period of time, many of the small debris will enter the keys to the underground, especially notebook computers, it is difficult to clean up, unchecked, it makes the keyboard feel and agility decline is really depressed. Now we only have a new USB vacuum cleaner! You immediately hated the dust to kiss goodbye! Since then enjoy a comfortable, clean environment for the use of computers.
This is a mini vacuum powered direct from your computer’s USB port. Great little gadget for keeping your desk and keyboard clean. 
Color: Grey
Connect the vacuum cleaner to the USB port of your laptop or desktop
Use keyboard attachment rubber to vacuum dust and other particles trapped underneath the keyboard keys
Use the brush & suction tube attachment for general cleaning of air vents (fan), monitor and computer areas, or dust on your desk top
Requires no external power source, plugs straight into any USB port 
LED light attached in the vacuum cleaner
? 1. The number of vacuum cleaners to switch 11000-12000; 
2. The effective removal of the computer keyboard, desktop dust; 
3. USB plugs directly into power without the other; 
4. Equipped with LED light absorption in addition to microscopic dust; 
5. With adjustable-luxury large drawing tablets heavy dust 
6. Especially effective computer keyboard not touch the dust.

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