USB Computer lonic Fresh Ozone Air Purifier Ionizer

USB Computer lonic Fresh Ozone Air Purifier Ionizer
When working beside computer it is best to let the window open so that the pollution, radiation & those static produce from the computer to be circulated out from your environment.With now the environment of air-conditioned office and when being too long a time on the computer, people are breathing in all these impurities in an  air polluted environment which  can leads to health problems . Anion is known as air vitamins. It can helps to improve people`s heart and lung function, promote metabolism, reduce fatigue and keep air clear to improve work efficiency.
*Consistently releases negative ions. 
*Highly effective in removing odors and dust
*Attracts airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, pet dander and other small particles. 
*Eliminates static and reduces EMI.                                                                    
*Helps boost your energy and mood.                                                                  
*Unique design of the rotatable cover well protects USB lead.                           
*Soothing green LED light indicates the working of the unit.            
*Product size: 89.5*21.5*21.5mm
*Plug into a computer USB port directly 
Not only it can be used on computer, but also  can be used on car. Exquisite, high quality item, and also as an excellent gift. 

Freeshipping worldwide. If you order big quantities or OEM, please write email to:  contact factory

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