Underwater LED Disco Light Pool Glow Project Lighting LEDLIGHTSMD #130508

Underwater LED Disco Light Pool Glow Project Lighting

Underwater LED Disco Light Pool Glow Project Lighting

Important :Please screw tightly before put in water, or it may fill in with water and don’t work any more!!!

The Underwater Light is always a great way to brighten up you bathtub or jazz up your swimming pool
There are 5 different sequences which you can change between by pressing the button on the side
Each style is made up of different combinations of red, green and blue light- each with different patterns and displays, some flashing and some still
The multi-coloured effect is really beautiful
The dome shape means that the light reaches out expansively to illuminate the pool or room
A balancing cap is included so you can float it in your bath

How to Use:
First screw out the three screws, and take out the cover
Second put three AAA battery into the battery case, make sure the battery’s anode and cathode are correct
Put on the switch to check if it will work, if it works then long-pressing on the switch and it will turn off
last tightening the screws back if not the water will ruin the battery, then will be damaged

Material: PP
Battery: 3 x AAA battery (not included)
Product size: 8 x 8 x 8 cm

Underwater-Show-LED-Disco-Aqua-Glow-Light-Show-Pond-Pool-Spa-Hot-Tub-Party-Night Waterproof Pool Disco Club LED Light

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