Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bulb RGB LED Light LEDLIGHTSMD #12111549

Smart LED Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker

Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bulb RGB LED Light

– Can be controlled via smart phone or tablet / Bluetooth
– LED lamp appearance
– Wireless Bluetooth connection
– E27 lamp base, screw in type
– Adjustable volume of light and music
– Bright light, comparable to a 50 Watts halogen bulb

Shell Color: White
Size: 100mm x 140mm
Power:LED really 6W White +3W RGB Lighting
Speaker: really 3 W (Bluetooth V3.0)
Interface: E27
The light color: RGB 16 color with the remote control
Amplifier: Class D
Signal Input: Bluetooth. (2. 4G Bluetooth Transmission)
Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 10 meters
Bluetooth Connection Password: no
Signal Output: 135Hz- 15Kz Audio Signal
Working Temperature: -40~ 80 degree
Working Voltage: AC100V~240V

Package Include:
1 x LED lamp (with Bluetooth speaker)
1 x Remote controller (no CR2025 battery)
1 x colorful paper box
1 x specification

Q: How to open the Bluetooth bulb?
A: At first, the Bluetooth bulb that you pick up on the lamp holder, through the power switch can turn on Bluetooth bulb power;
After opening the bluetooth bulb you can see white LED lighting light up, and then have a bluetooth boot prompt music ring.
an on/off switch on the power switch action bluetooth bulb can in white leds and color LED to switch between the two cycle, First open the power switch is white LED lights, if you need to switch to the color of LED, please shut off the power , turn it on again in 3 seconds will switch to the colored LED lights work mode. Bluetooth ball bubble after turning on the power supply of any model can use the remote to control all kinds of LED working condition.

bluetooth led bulb  Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Bulb RGB LED Light

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