Motion Sensor LED Wall Lamp Light

Motion Sensor LED Wall Light Lamp LEDLIGHTSMD #130502

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Motion Sensor LED Wall Lamp Light

Motion Sensor LED Wall Light Lamp

1.Automatic sensing: the light will illuminate when you get within 5 meters of it and it will go out 15 seconds after you walk beyond its sensing range
2.Simple installation and can be mounted various ways
3.It supplies sufficient light in it’s area and it is energy-saving
4.Made of durable stainless steel for many years of use
5.Battery Operated: powered by 4pc AA batteries (not included) You can expect many hours of use.

– Sensitivity: 5 meters Distance
– Light color: Pure White
– Sensor Degree:Front 140 Degrees
– Lumen:22LM
– Power:1.7W
– LED life: 50,000 hours or more
– Size: 190mm x 150mm(L x W)
– Material: Aluminum + ABS
– Light weight: 315g

– This Night Light won’t light up during the day time when it is bright.
– Don’t put this motion activated LED night lights too close to each other. The light of one night
light may cause the other to not light up. We recommend the lights be at least 4 meters apart.

Operating Principle:
Using passive infrared (PIR) technology to accept the body’s radiant heat and sensing human motion (within 5m) The Wireless Motion Sensor Light turns on or off based on occupancy and ambient light levels. It is designed to substitute a standard light switch and will provide a great deal of convenience and personal safety in dark areas. After you try our light you will wonder how you ever got along without one.
It is ideal for corridors, workshops, basements, indoor garages, stairwells, doorways, closets, and other dark places in your house.

LED Wall Light Lamp Motion Sensor Active  Motion Sensor LED Wall Light Lamp

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