Portable Finger Hand Held 4D USB Mini 3G Trackball Mouse


Portable Finger Hand Held 4D USB Mini 3G Trackball Mouse

It is off-table, without limitation by operation space and avoiding harm to wrist and muscle. The two dimensions and buttons are simply controlled by fingers.

Looking for something a bit different in a mouse? This new mouse might be up your alley. It looks like a lame Sci-Fi gun in a low budget movie, but who knows, it might just help your wrist.

1. Off table and without limitation of operational space
2. 4D page scrolling function can be controlled simply by your thumb
3. Features 3-button design with trackball
4. USB 2.0 interface, plug and play, no software required.
5. Special design, can avoid the harm on your wrist and muscle, greatly reduces discomfort for Arthritis and CTS suffers
6. Easy to use – left or right hand, or cradled between both
7. Mini size, light weight, easy to carry
8. Ideal for both laptops and desktops

Color: Black
Materail: Non-slip soft rubber
Place end of index or middle finger on trigger button & thumb on roller ball
Suitable for Tablet PC & Laptop & Desktop computer
Compatible with Windows 95 version B / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / NT
Dimension: 80*50*55mm
USB Cable length: 2 M
Net weight: 65g
Package weight: 98g
Package size: 145*115*60mm

Package included:
1 * Track mouse
1 * English manual

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