Mobile Phone Signal Block Bag Anti-radiation Anti-degaussing

Mobile Phone Signal Block Bag Anti-radiation Anti-degaussing
Blocks All Mobile Phone Signals and All Frequencies World Wide.
Mobile Phone Blocking Bag. Nifty and simple gadget for blocking your cell phone from receiving mobile calls.When using this bag, your number appears as Unavailable or Network Busy for the person calling you. Making it easier for you to stay out of touch when you need some quiet time. The bag also includes and extra pocket for money or your favorite phone accessory.The Mobile Phone Blocking Bag works with all networks and is extremely easy to use. Simply place your phone into the bag and all calls to you will not get through. Great for meetings, hospitals, and those people wanting to protect their privacy.This product is in-stock in our warehouse right now, available to ship right your door immediately! Order some to try for yourself, and after you see how good it works then you will want to order more in bulk to sell on your internet store. This is one hot gadget that your customers will love, so get yours now!
No Signal, anti-radiation, anti-degaussing
Do you know spyguys can trace your place by GPS & special device?  Using this bag, nobody will know where you are now to protect yourself.
Do you know radiation is most strong when callings is coming? Using it to reject the lots of annoying,house info,crank calls, while in polite gentlemen way. 
*Blocks All Mobile Phone Signals and All Frequencies World Wide.
*Carrying mobile phone long-term will endanger human due to wave radiation.
*Phone bag have a great effect in anti-radiation to make sure health
*If you don’t want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the bag, then the phone will tell “Calls can not be connected” or “Network Busy”. It work again once you take off the bag. 
*ID card, bank cards,such as IC Magnetism card, putting into the bag, can avoid magnetism lost and info. leak.
*Different size for selection.
Small: suitable for 4inch
Middle: suitable for 4.5inch
Big: suitable for 5.3inch
XL:suitable for 5.5inch
XXL: suitable for 6inch
Please make notes when you place order: 

Freeshipping worldwide. If you order big quantities or OEM, please write email to:  contact factory

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