Latest Magic Wireless Touch Mouse White Color Apple Mac OS supported #10418

Latest Magic Wireless Touch Mouse White Color Apple Mac OS supported

This is not original Seamless Apple iMouse, it is OEM China-made, so the only the middle scroll button is touch. It can’t be programmable.Our this model support both Mac OS and Windows.

*The appearance is beautiful, fashionable and generous, ultra-thin design, noble and gorgeous exclusive
*Swinging buttons for left and right, middle pulley touch, feel good
*Easy to use, free of code match, plug and play, remove the battery to automatically unpair
*Super energy-saving light (when using the mouse, you almost can’t see the light with naked eyes), less light design, intelligent power management design, low-power mode to save battery power consumption
*With use of transparent acrylic panels, the surface smooth like a mirror, no sticky dust
*The mouse movement is smooth, no glitches.
*Mouse is ability to adapt to a smooth black surface, smooth white surface, smooth red surface etc.
*It adapt shimmer positioning technology, mouse positioning is more accurate, more fluid use.
*2.4G wireless RF transfusion technology to transmit power 0dB, receiver sensitivity-98DB
*64 frequency hopping channels, each interval 1MHZ.
*Straight-line operation distance is over 15 meters.
*High-performance intelligent wireless technology, the use of frequency hopping transmission, strong anti-jamming capability; can automatically avoid 2.4G wireless router, 2.4G wireless headsets, Bluetooth device interference.
*Hopping transmission technology, the same office can support 32 sets of equipment used simultaneously with each other is not affected.
*Mouse-power smart design, a variety of low-power mode to conserve battery power consumption. Mouse power in the case of full-speed mobile, less than 11 mA (mouse on white paper, the operating voltage is 3V).
*Mouse can detect if the computer is closed, and automatically enter the lowest power consumption when the computer is off, then the current is less than 50 microamps

Latest Magic Wireless Touch Mouse White Color Apple Mac OS supported #10418 Magic_Wireless_Touch_Mouse_Seamless_Apple_iMouse_package Magic_Wireless_Touch_Mouse_Seamless_Apple_iMouse-1 Magic_Wireless_Touch_Mouse_Seamless_Apple_iMouse-2

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