HDMI2AV HDMI to AV Video Converter

HDMI2AV HDMI to AV Video Converter
Mini converter Box HDMI to AV  HDMI input to audio + AV(CVBS) output
This  MINI HDMI to A-V signal adapter  which will  change HDMI video signal or audio signal to AV (CVBS) composite video signal and the FL / FR stereo audio signals, while support DVI system sideline signals. To help users change the high quality of the HDMI video signal into normal CVBS signal (standard-definition 480i, 576i,).So that can play on TV, VHS VCR, DVD recorders, etc and support NTSC and PAL two TV format. 
*No need to install drivers, portable, flexible, plug and play. 
*Low power, No power adapter 
*Support NTSC and PAL two standard TV formats output 
*Compatible HDMI1.3 
*Input Port: 1 x HDMI
*Output Port: 1 x RCA (Yellow, White, Red)
*Size (L x W x H): Approx. 66 x 55 x 20cm / 2.6 x 2.16 x 0.79 inch
*Weight: 40g
*HDMI Input Resolution:640×480@60Hz, 800×600@60Hz, 1024×768@60Hz, 1280×720@60Hz, 1280×1024@60Hz, 1360×768@60Hz, 1600×1200@60Hz, 1920×1080@60Hz, 480i/60Hz, 480p/60Hz, 576i/60Hz, 576p/60Hz, 720p50/60Hz, 1080i50/60Hz, 1080p50/60Hz. 
Package Content:
HDMI to AV signal adapter
USB Cable
User Manual
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