Gaming Mouse Games Mouse #11163

Gaming Mouse Games Mouse

Professional Gaming Mouse

Fine grain leather, leather mouse:

Surface using simulated leather material, comfortable and non-slip, with built stable block aggravating to achieve the best combination of feel and stability with excellent handling characteristics glide

Ergonomic design:

Mouse fully take into account the feelings of Asians, ergonomically designed handle for Asians, the leather surface treatment, non-slip anti-sweat, can relieve fatigue long grip of the mouse.

Beetle Appearance:

Cool designs, tough, capable, magnificent, battlefield dominated by me.

Blu-Ray engine:

High-density double lens, improving resolution capability, spot focus miscellaneous flash filter to enhance precise positioning, wherever, performance

Stereo wheel:

3D wheel feel great, middle crafted, non-slip gear designed to allow players to use more comfortable, more comfortable operation.

Fourth gear DPI adjustment:

Fourth gear speed adjustment, different resolutions can meet user needs in different environments, the switch convenient, more accurate, more comfortable operation

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