Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver Adapter Stereo for IPhone Ipad Iphone4 Mid Computer PSP Notebook PC

Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver Adapter Stereo
for IPhone Ipad Iphone4 Mid Computer PSP Notebook PC
100% Brand New.
Weight: about  143g(include accessories)
Size:4.5  x 4.5 x 2cm
Color:  Black
Power adapter input: 110-240V
Power adapter output:  5V±0.5V,1000mA±50mA
Bluetooth V2.1 for reliable
Working distance: up to 10meters/  30ft
High-quality sound
Play music via your home stereo  wirelessly
Connect to stereo or stand-alone  speakers
Convenient and comfortable
Play your iPhone, iPod touch, or  other devices enabled with Bluetooth  technology wirelessly through your  home stereo
Control your music directly from  your iPhone, or iPod touch
Connect a device without even going  near the stereo
Bluetooth connection has a 30FT  range for virtually unlimited  wireless listening in your home
Compatible with all A2DP stereo  Bluetooth enabled devices, such as  iphone, ipod, Smartphone, cell phone, computer and Bluetooth  devices
Connect  one 3.5mm end of the included audio  cable to the headphone jack of the  Bluetooth Music receiver
Connect the other end(3.5mm or  2XRCA) to au audio input on your  home stereo system
Connect the AC power adapter cable  to the Bluetooth Music receiver’s DC  input jack, and plug the AC adapter  into a wall power outlet
The blue LED light will flash once  to indicate the unit is powered and  is now ready to be paired to your  iPhone, iPod touch, or some other  device
To Pair Bluetooth function:
Go to the Bluetooth manager of your  iPhone or iPod touch by following  steps
a. From your iPhone/iPod touch home  page, tap “settings”
b. Inside settings, tap on “General”
c. Inside “General”, tap on “Bluetooth”
Search Bluetooth devices and click  on Bluetooth Music receiver
Enter “0000” when the player asked  for the PIN code, which will allow  the iPhone to pair with the receiver
Once paired, the blue LED light on  the Bluetooth Music Receiver will  flash once. The blue LED light will  stay on when a connection is  established.
Some devices, such as the iPhone,  will connect immediately after  pairing so the LED will stay on.  Other devices such as laptops, may  ask you if you wish to connect and  the LED will go off after pairing  until a connection is established
Although the Bluetooth Music  Receiver can only play music from  one device at a time, it is capable  of being paired up to 8 devices,  which means you only have to enter  the PIN code one time for each  device.
Reconnecting your device:
If you move out of range or turn off  the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone  or iPod touch, the receiver will  disconnect from your device. To  reconnect, simply access the  Bluetooth manager on your device and  select the appropriate YXX device  listed. You will not be asked to  enter the PIN code again.
Voice controls on your Bluetooth  device may not be available for some  phones.
Changing connected device:
1. End the existing Bluetooth  connection with the connected  device. Access the Bluetooth manager  and disable the Bluetooth function  of the iPhone or iPod touch;
2. The Bluetooth receiver can now be  connected to a different iPhone or  iPod touch.
3. Follow the directions in “Pairing  your Bluetooth music receiver” to  connect a different device.
Package Content
1 x Bluetooth Music Receiver
1 x Power Adapter (US Plug110-240V)
1 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Cable  (about 123cm)
1 x 3.5mm-RCA Stereo Cable (about  122cm)
1 x English-Chinese User Manua
Bluetooth-Music-Receiver-B3501-demo Bluetooth-Music-Receiver-B3501-2 Bluetooth-Music-Receiver-B3501 Bluetooth-Music-Receiver-B3501-all

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