Bluetooth 4.0 Anti Lost Tag Alarm Selfie Locator Smart Tracker Wireless Bluetooth Key Finder #62305

Bluetooth 4.0 Anti Lost Tag Alarm Selfie Locator Smart Tracker Wireless Bluetooth Key Finder

Bluetooth Key Finder works with Bluetooth 4.0 ready smartphone,such as for iPhone4s/5/5c/5s/6/6plus, iPad3/Mini/Air,
SamsungS4/S5/S6 Note3/Note4 and etc.
It communicates with smartphone’s free App and works as:
“key finder”, “anti lost alarm”, “camera remote shutter”, “Lost Location Recorder”

Attach the Key Finder to your key or any other valuable item you don’t want to lose. It has these multifunctions: 

1. Key Finder/Locator.
Tap the Scan icon in the app to connect with your device then tap the Dog icon to locate the device, the device will
make a sound that will allow you to locate your device.

2. Remote Shutter.
Tap the camera icon to launch camera in the app. Press the button on the device to trigger the phone to take a picture or video.

3. Anti-lost alarm.
When R621 goes out of range, the app will alert you with sound, vibration and flash. The alarm can be set on device, phone, or both.

4. Find phone.
Press the button on the Key Finder to find the phone.

5. Lost Location History.
When connection was broken, the app will add a pushpin on the map. It can inform you when and where lost the R621.

System requirement:iOS 6.1 and above; Android 4.3 and above; Bluetooth 4.0 devices.
Applicable modes:
– iPhone4S, iPhone5/5S/5C, iPhone6/6plus, iPad3/4/5,iPad mini;
– Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note3, Note4.
– Mi2S/3(after upgrade), Mi4
– Huawei B199/8816/Glory3c
– SONY XPERIA Z2; HTC DESIRE816; OPPO Find7; LG NEXUS 5 (on going updates)
– Other phones we do not 100% gurantee it’s compatible with this tag.
Communication system: Bluetooth ver 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Transport: Frequency hopping spread spectrum method ( FH-SS )
Frequency range: 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
Communication ragne: 10-15 m (depends on your work environment)
Battery: CR2016
Standby time: 12 months
Working time: about 5 months ( depending on your workload )
Indicator: Blue LED light

Bluetooth-4.0-Anti-Lost-Tag Bluetooth-Anti-Lost-Alarm-Selfie-Locator Bluetooth-Anti-Lost-Alarm-Selfie-Shutter bluetooth-smart-reminder Smart-Tracker-Wireless-Bluetooth-Key-Finder


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